Neurostatus Systems AG

Scoring Documents

Scoring Tools for a standardised, quantified neurological examination and assessment of Kurtzke’s Functional Systems and the Expanded Disability Status Scale in Multiple Sclerosis

In order to assure high reliability of assessment it is essential to have a standardised examination and consistent definitions for the Functional System scores.

It is highly recommended that physicians seeking certification first become familiarised with the Neurostatus Scoring Documents or equivalent case report forms for the respective study.


Neurostatus Systems offers paper scoring pads comprised of 40 sheets for capturing EDSS data in clinical trials. Upon request these can be delivered with imprinted studyname.

These pads are also available for Individual Users and can be ordered here.


Neurostatus Systems offers Definition Booklets to assist EDSS Raters when calculating scores for an EDSS assessment based on Neurostatus.

The booklet is currently availble in 2 versions 03/09 or 04/10.2 and can be ordered here.