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PLEASE NOTE: Since the beginning of August 2016 all Neurostatus products and services are operated and maintained by the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Basel UHBS. Contact the UHBS also for a Licence to capture and validate electronic Neurostatus/EDSS examination data.

Neurostatus services cover the whole lifecycle of the Neurostatus/EDSS scale for use in clinical trials including EDSS rater training and online certification as well as EDSS Expert data review and a scientific forum for Q&A.


In order to improve the consistency both between different examining physicians (inter-rater reliability) and between different examinations by the same physician (intra-rater reliability), the Neurostatus/EDSS-training method was developed.

This training program consists of EDSS Expert face to face and telephone trainings provided by Neurologists of the University Hospital Basel and is accompanied by the Neurostatus Training DVD Rom. Standardised neurological examinations of several MS patients were recorded and incorporated into this educational and instructional tool. The videos have been used worldwide to train more than 10’000 Neurostatus/EDSS raters participating in many multi-centre studies conducted around the world in the last 20 years.

Both inter- and intra-rater reliability are improved by this training method (Lechner-Scott et al., 1998). The improvement in rater reliability is very important to help in reaching maximal statistical power of clinical trials.


Neurostatus e-Test is the industry-leading online certification platform for physicians using the Neurostatus/EDSS Scale within clinical trials. It provides transferrable certification for all major clinical MS and NMO trials.

The platform hosts more than 70 active trials and served more than 130 clinical trials since 2003. Up to date about 10’000 Neurostatus/EDSS raters are certified on our platform.


The Neurostatus Scoring Documents have been developed and improved since the 1980’s and are now available in version 04/10.2. The printed version of the Scoring Sheets can be used for assessments in paper based trials and as a backup solution for trials using Neurostatus e-Scoring.

The most powerful way to capture Neurostatus/EDSS patient records within clinical trials is the usage of Neurostatus e-Scoring. The mobile electronic data capture system improves data quality significantly by using implemented feedback and data clarification functionality supported by the Neurostatus e-Scoring Algorithm. A validation study proved the efficiency and efficacy of the iPad based data capture application, which is accompanied by a web based data management application.

Neurostatus Systems provides the e-Scoring system as a validated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Study setup, system training and technical support processes are available to make the implementation of the system for the clinical trial management as easy as possible.


The University Hospital Basel (UHBS), Department of Neurology, chaired by Prof. L. Kappos provides the services around the scientific expertise to successfully conduct clinical trials. This includes the data clarification processes in Neurostatus e-Scoring and the public forum. The Neurostatus public forum provides answers regarding Neurostatus/EDSS scoring.